MY Autobiography

I was born in 1971, Tehran ( Iran). I grew up in a middle class family. I had a strong connection towards the sky and the ocean during my childhood .When I was growing up as a teenager, my passion expanded towards the desire of taking magnificent photos in air and the underwater

At the age of sixteen, I started sky diving and shooting photos from up there. When I turned seventeen, I took my first underwater snapshot with my Nikonos-3 (Paralex) camera, which was an incredible experience, although these cameras had their own limits, I kept the dream of seeing my subject through the visor of reflex camera for a long time
Due to financial matters, I was not able to purchase the Canon F -1 Housing. In 1991 I started my professional career in industrial and commercial underwater documentations and I managed to buy for myself a reflex camera that was Nikonos-RS
After that, I spent a considerable portion of my life gaining valuable experiences in various operations of famous petrochemical Projects from the Persian Gulf and other waters. Operations were varied from research, maintenance, and salvage operations and so on. My responsibility was usually a documentation manager and sometimes as a diver’s supervisor
Now we are in 2017 and I still have wishes in my heart. One of the oldest and most important wishes is to take underwater photos in Japan’s water, especially Okinawa. I’m also a fan of AKIRA TATEISHI, I like his Style. I feel a true love with NIKON F5, and when I work with negatives, I don’t even notice how the time passes
I have experienced various underwater housings but in my opinion, none of them was more handy, reliable and practical than GATES